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#1 Managing Expectations – Avoid failure and get it right 1st time

Nov 19, 2019

Many years ago I got a job as a Analyst in a some tech company. Looking back I still dont know how it happened but short of the story I was a bit too click happy with my mouse and just applied for all jobs with the word Analyst in the title. So imagine my surprise when I got called back for a role as a Strategy Analyst which for those who know is a lot to do with spreadsheets and calculations. Now I must have done pretty well cos I got offered the role. Now this is where is turned bad. They wanted a wiz at Excel and got a dude who just knew the basics. In a couple of weeks I had the CEO asking me for top level work and I couldn’t do it. A few months later I was on the street.

I tell that sad story because it leads nicely into this session where we’ll be talking about expectation. Now in my experience, the singular reason for most of us suffering disappointment in relationships, work and where we have deal with others is unmet expectations. Expectation also tends to be closely linked to its lovely cousin called communication.


Here’s how it works.

If I don’t know what exactly you are going to give me, and you dont know what exactly what I want you to give me, it stands to reason that somewhere along the line one or both of us is going to be dissatisfied. The sequence is me; the receiver is probably to first to complain, then you who believe and probably in all likelihood did a good job think I don’t appreciate what you’ve done and we end up in conflict because we didnt agree to the right level in the first place. It’s all about managing expectations. That’s the big word today – expectations. Managing relationships is critical in relationships, workplace, business, everywhere.

I want to talk those going into work today , getting in agreements, agreeing work with the managers about how to do this. It’s a simple 3 step process.

Your customer (and it doesn’t hurt you to start bringing the customer mindset to everybody you engage with) asks you for something. Your manager, your spouse, your friend.

Take time to think about it clearly to make sure you understand.