I've Lost My Confidence

I remember going to work and knowing deep inside I know I had what it took but I always struggled to handle meetings, talk to senior execs, deal with office politics, gets approvals or change minds and become a person on influence in the workplace. I’d literally go from the most confident person to a bumbling wreck. I always felt like I couldn’t do right.

The moment that brought it all to a head was when I got called to an office on a Friday at 4pm and was told that I was fired. At that moment, my hopes and dreams were shattered. My dream job was gone. I was going to have a baby and had no idea of how to pay for my bills. To make it worse I struggled to get a new job. I walked around with the fear that I would never get another job and if I did I had no idea how to make sure this never happened again.

Thats when  I took it in to learn everything I could about winning in the work place, leading those above and below. Leading meetings, getting what I want. Buidling relationships, winning interviews, getting approvals. I studied all of this and came up with a book of tools and techniques to use to help me.

Increasing your confidence when you work with senior executives is very important to make it to the next level.

I have now made these tools and techniques available to you in the form of an online training with some face to face coaching with me. I will be there to talk you through it and help you up when you fall