I Mess Up Interviews

  • Have you ever tried your best at interview and still had employers tell you No?
  • Have you ever prepared for an interview and still struggled to say the right words when you get there?
  • Have you come out of interviews feeling like you didn’t know what to say?

‘We liked you a lot but in the end we went for another candidate’

These were the words I heard over and over again. Words that made me feel like like was so close to getting the job of my dreams but yet so far. After failing interviews over and over again I decided to understand why I was struggling. I asked experts, I got interview coaching and I applied what I learned. I tried again and failed then I started to get better and better and now I coach people so they can get the job they want.

Interviews require skill and the ability to say the right thing at the right time to the interviewer. One wrong word can be the end of your job dreams.

At Unleashed we will give you access to our exclusive online course and bank of interview questions to help you get started. You will also have access to a one 2 one call where we simulate real life interviews and give you feedback to help you get better.

There is no time like now to take action and start the steps to reset your career