Hi there,

The English language is quite a curious language. One of these is its ability to explain quite profound wisdom in simple phrases. Now this is quite useful when communicating as it saves you time without detracting from the point you are trying to make. The downside is that it does so good a job that we sometimes need to pause to think a bit deeper to catch the meaning. One of these such sayings is ‘a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step’.

I always thought I understood what this meant but it was only when I finally reached the 3000 listener milestone on my podcast while publishing my 45th episode that I realised that indeed its all about starting the journey. This applies to everything from your career, education, 5k run, a huge bowl of salad or a giant burger :-).

Back to my podcast and hitting 3k listeners, it got me thinking about the difficult days at the start where I would record a podcast in a wardrobe late on a Sunday night just to get it out and now here I am. I’m no titan in the podcast industry (yet), but I’m in the game which is more than could be said about a year ago.

This all made me sit back and reflect on the journey, the challenges, the wins, the mistakes and the learnings and the amazing guests who blessed me with their time and wisdom. Naturally, I put it all in the latest podcast episode.

This one if for anyone because we can all do with some encouragement and reminder that you don’t have to be great to start :-). There I go again with those darn phrases.