Hey there,

Hope you had a good weekend.

It’s been no doubt to put it mildly been an interesting past few months dominated by COVID-19. Its also been very interesting to watch the various world leaders react to the crisis in many ways. Some we thought were great leaders have turned out to be not so great while those we thought to be not so great have risen to the top.

This got me to thinking that how do we react when we are faced with crisis in our jobs, family, communities etc. It is very unlikely we will be asked to lead through a crisis like Coronavirus but we should be ready when faced with the challenge.

I probably at this point should ask the question…are you leader? The answer is a categorical yes but the problem is far too many of us don’t see ourselves as leaders and there in lies the problem. When faced with challenges we don’t see ourselves as the source of the solution.

In this week, I am joined by Leadership Expert, Coach, Author and host of Keep Leading podcast Eddie Turner as we dispel the myths of leadership but also share how you can unleash the leader within.

I hope you learn something to help you get started on your leadership journey.