There is nothing quite like a new week. New weeks bring new beginnings and give us an opportunity to press delete on the week before if it was bad and press play if it was a good week. It’s all about perspective and focusing on the things you can change and not the things you can’t change. My challenge to you this week is what one small thing will you try and change.

The other challenge I have for you is to think of your favourite biscuit, soft drink, phone, hotel, TV etc. Chances are whenever you use this products they give you a sense of assurance and comfort. You spend your money on them and you expect quality and are very surprised when you don’t receive it. That’s what we call branding. Brand used to mean the mark or logo on a product but these days it has come to mean the assurance or promise of quality that logo.

We don’t realise it much but like products, we as people have a brand whether we like it or not. It what we people say about us when we leave. We leave trails of our personal brand everywhere. It’s in how we speak, what we write, the quality of our work and even the way we dress. These little trails add up to create a mental picture people form about us and use to make decisions about us. This means we have to be intentional about how we present ourselves. It calls for a clear plan and idea of the brand we want to project.

What makes a for a good personal brand ? Well you’ll have to listen in on the latest podcast with Lara Lauder who is a personal brand expert, coach, author and speaker. Lara shares her personal story about how she over came personal challenges and went on to build and harness her personal brand.

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